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本文摘要:Security breaches at LinkedIn and eHarmony have highlighted an escalation in attacks on social networks from hackers seeking to exploit personal data, according to security firms. 一些安全性公司回应,专业交流网站LinkedIn和约会网站eHarmony的安全漏洞突显出,谋求窃取个人数据的黑客增大了针对社交网站的反击力度。

Security breaches at LinkedIn and eHarmony have highlighted an escalation in attacks on social networks from hackers seeking to exploit personal data, according to security firms. 一些安全性公司回应,专业交流网站LinkedIn和约会网站eHarmony的安全漏洞突显出,谋求窃取个人数据的黑客增大了针对社交网站的反击力度。The professional networking and dating sites have both confirmed that some of their userspasswords have been stolen.They have not disclosed how many but security experts said hackers have posted a total of 8m encrypted passwords online, the bulk of which came from LinkedIn. 上述两家网站都已证实,“部分”用户的密码被盗。

它们没透漏遭窃数量,但安全性专家回应,黑客在网上张贴了800万条加密密码,其中多数来自LinkedIn。LastFM, a UK-based social network focused on music owned by CBS, also said yesterday some of its userspasswords had been stolen. Like LinkedIn and eHarmony,it advised users to change passwords. 昨日,CBS旗下、总部坐落于英国的音乐社交网站LastFM也回应,部分用户密码遭窃。与LinkedIn以及eHarmony一样,该网站建议用户改动密码。

Experts called the LinkedIn hack one of the largest weve seen and said it was a sign that cybercriminals are showing an increasing preference for targeting social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Now theyve switched over to social networks,said Graham Cluley,senior technology consultant at Sophos, a security research firm.The anti-spam features on these sites are nowhere near as mature as places like Hotmail and Gmail. 专家回应,LinkedIn遭到黑客攻击是“我们所看到的规模仅次于的反击之一”,他们回应,这是一个迹象,指出网络罪犯更加讨厌反击Facebook、Twitter和Pinterest等社交网站。安全性研究企业Sophos的资深技术顾问格雷厄姆克鲁利(Graham Cluley)回应:“现在黑客移往到了社交网站,而这些网站的反垃圾邮件机制远远不如Hotmail和Gmail等网站成熟期。” In April, social networks replaced financial organisations as the top target of phishing attacks, according to data from Kaspersky Lab. 卡巴斯基实验室(Kaspersky Lab)的数据表明,4月,社交网站代替金融机构,沦为钓鱼反击的头号目标。

Phishing campaigns are spoof emails or spoof social networking messages that impersonate a business like LinkedIn to trick people into handing over email addresses, passwords and other personal information. 钓鱼反击用于欺诈邮件或欺诈性社交网络信息,乔装成LinkedIn之类的企业,愚弄人们交还邮箱地址、密码和其他个人信息。Kaspersky estimates social networks accounted for 28.8 per cent of phishing attacks in April, a 6 per cent increase from March, due mainly to a surge of attacks on Facebook users. 卡巴斯基估算,4月份的钓鱼反击中,28.8%再次发生在社交网络,比3月减少了6%,主要是由于针对Facebook用户的反击激增。The cause of this weeks hacks are still unknown. LinkedIn has since added enhanced security features to its encryption process, a move Mr Cluley said they should have been doing earlier. Mr Cluley also said that the openness of social networks to external programmers that develop applications left them more vulnerable to hackers. 本周黑客攻击的原因尚能不明朗。遭反击后,LinkedIn早已强化了加密过程的安全性设置,克鲁利称,LinkedIn“早已应当这么做到了”。

克鲁利还回应,社交网站对外部程序员对外开放,容许他们研发应用于,这也使网站更容易受到黑客攻击。In addition, the personal nature of social networks makes it easier for criminals to impersonate someone, using their name and photo to contact friends and work colleagues.If I get a message from someone who is a LinkedIn contact of mine, Im much more likely to respond,said David Emm, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. 此外,社交网站的个人性质使罪犯更容易假装成某人,用于他们的名字和照片联系朋友和同事。

卡巴斯基实验室的资深安全性研究员戴维埃姆(David Emm)回应:“如果我接到了我在LinkedIn上联系人的信息,我更加有可能作出对此。” Cybercrime on social networks is turning into its own industry, said Jim Walter, manager for McAfee Threat Intelligence Service, as criminals hire underlings to generate more traffic and even ad revenue from these sites through automated botnets, collection of compromised computers. 迈克菲网络威胁情报服务(McAfee Threat Intelligence Service)经理吉姆沃尔特(Jim Walter)回应,针对社交网络的犯罪正在发展为一个产业。罪犯雇用人手,通过自动僵尸网络(即大量已被入侵的电脑),在这些网站上生产流量,甚至产生广告收益。Theres a whole underground economy around LinkedIn bots, Pinterest bots, Facebook bots, you name it,he said. 沃尔特回应:“环绕着LinkedIn僵尸、Pinterest僵尸、Facebook僵尸等等,不存在着一个原始的地下经济。





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